English Menù


Fried Champignon mushrooms with garlic sauce 8,00 euro

Trentino cheeses with mustards 8,00 Euro

Carne salada (cured meat) Carpaccio with rocket leaves and Trentingrana cheese  9,00 euro

Sea bass fillet en papillote (cooked in parchment paper) 14,00 euro


Cappellacci (large size filled pasta) with asparagus, beurre noisette and Trentingrana cheese 11,00 Euro

Risotto with Chanterelles mushrooms with fresh cheese and speck powder 12,00 euro

Maccheroncini with Chanterelles mushrooms, speck and cream 11,00 Euro

Vegetable soup/barley soup 8,00 Euro

Spaghetti bolognese/ amatriciana/carbonara/ 9,00 euro

Potato gnocchi with game ragout 12,00 euro

Classic canederli with speck, melted butter and Trentingrana cheese 10,00 Euro

Spinach canederli with speck and cream 10,00 Euro

Tyrolean spatzle with gorgonzola cheese cream and walnuts 11,00 euro

Double egg tagliatelle with:Chanterelles mushrooms and cream/goulash/Porcini mushrooms and Fontal cheese fondue 11,00 Euro


English roast beef  13,00 euro

Potato rosti with Hungarian goulash 15,00 euro

Pork cutlet with french fries  12,00 euro

Polenta and game stew 17,00 Euro

Tagliata di manzo (sliced grilled beef) with rocket leaves and Trentingrana cheese 18,00 Euro

Potato rosti with cheese and cabbage salad  14,00 euro

Pork shin 11,00

Veal shin with three side dishes for two people (to order in advance) 45,00 Euro

Polenta and baked rabbit 17,00 euro


Potatoes rosti   4,00 euro

Small mixed salad  4,50 euro

Steamed mixed vegetables  5,00 euro

Roasted potatoes 4,50 Euro

Sauted mushrooms 7,00 Euro

Cabbage salad  4,00 euro

French fries  4,00 euro

Fried onion rings 5,00 euro

Grilled vegetables 6,00 Euro

Polenta 3,50 euro


Classic Tiramisù 6,00 Euro

Fruit salad with Elderflower syrup sorbet 6,00 Euro

Chocolate salame with vanilla ice cream 6,00 Euro

Ricotta cheesecake with chocolate heart and persimmon sauce 6,00 Euro

Apple pie 4,50 Euro

Greedy cup (strawberry jelly and milk cream) 6,00 Euro